Thursday, 5 July 2012

Artist Profile: DOES LoveLetters

How do you see the current situation in the world of graffiti?
More and more projects that give street art the position that it deserves. I believe the general public opinion is slowly changing.

Where do you usually paint and how often?
I used to paint in Maaseik a lot, which is a small Belgian city near my hometown. Nowadays, I don't really have one hotspot anymore. I mainly paint at festivals around Europe and outside of Europe.

On what surface do you prefer to paint and which materials do you usually use?
When I use a spraycan I prefer to paint on a concrete wall. Raw walls in abandoned factories are my favourite.

What do you love and hate about graffiti?
What I like most about the lifestyle is the possibility to travel and meet inspiring people. You can basically go anywhere in the world and there will always be a writer that is willing to show you around town and have you over for a few days. I feel that is quite unique about the writer scene.
 I try to steer away from any negativity with regards to writing. I know that in some cities the writers aren't to friendly amongst each other, claiming walls and forbidding others to use their walls. Whenever that happens I prefer to just drop out and I don't like to get involved.

What do you think about people who are starting to paint, what would you tell them?
My advice would be to sketch a lot. I often receive emails from young writers asking me to give them golden tips and tricks. In my opinion golden tips and tricks don't exist. If you want to develop your style and skills it is all about practicing a lot.

What do you give most importance to when assessing your work or other people´s work?
I love clean pieces with a raw edge. Pieces that stand out are always well balanced in shape and colours.

What do you feel and do when another graffiti writer paints over your work?
When it is about making your mark, of course I prefer for other writers to choose a different spot and leave my work untouched. However, sometimes there is no room and I'm happy for other writers to practice their skills.

Have you ever been fined or prosecuted for painting?
I was busted once when I went out painting with my girl. That was many years ago. We were both fined and we had to do community work.

What do you think about the fact that many writers and "urban artists" known worldwide have joined the market and sell their works to the highest bidder? What do you think about the graffiti style in museums and galleries? (or ebay)
I believe it is great that museums and galleries are willing to buy or exhibit work of urban artists.

What was the funniest story that happened to you painting?
One of my more recent funny experiences was in Australia. Before I went to Australia the guys had been teasing me about my fear for snakes and spiders. When Chas was in Australia we I went painting with a few Ironlak family members and at some point one of the guys jumped on a snake and then threw it at us. It turned out to be a fake snake luckily! There is a video that shows the snake being thrown:

Anything you would like to add?

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