Friday, 4 May 2012

Featured Artist: PRESTO DCA

When and why did you start painting?
I only count from my first piece. That was June 1992. I guess short answer is I did it to be a bit of a bad ass.

Who were your heroes back then?
My heroes in graff were Unique, Dash and Shime, Caib and the whole KOC Crew, Bren, Snarl and Phibs in Australia, then Loomit, Delta, Swet, Seemso, a seemingly forgotten about writer Odem (check Early issues if Hype Magazine).

What is the most satisfying bit of graff you have done?
I think the most satisfying pieces are the ones where you take a risk and it pays off. Don’t reckon there’s one. The breakthrough I made into organic 3D is probably my most memorable one.

How has graffiti changed you?
I guess it has made me understand how, why and what disgusts me about mainstream culture and provided me with an escape. It has given me an alter ego.

How would you describe your style?
Conceptual risk taker and OCD freestyler.

If 1 was artist and 10 was vandal where would you place yourself?
These days I’d call myself about a 7.

Have you ever regretted painting on any thing?
Not really, there’s plenty of pieces I’d rather forget doing, but not really ON anything I regret.

How do you feel about the increasing popularity of graffiti in advertising?
It’s great to see people legitimately making money out of graffiti. But there’s always a point where it gets overdone. Like anything I guess, money and too much popularity and exposure is always going to cheapen anything that was once underground.

What do you think is the most important rule of graffiti?
It’s ok to go over a tag with a throwie, a chromie over a throwie and a burner over a chromie. Don’t paint over what you can’t burn. And don’t snitch.

What was the worst experience you have had whilst painting?
Damaging my knee.

Street or trains?
For me it’s all about the street. But there’s nothing better than watching fresh panels rock up at the train station when you’re waiting…

Tags, throw ups or pieces?
There’s room in the world for all of the above. Ive seen tags and throwies that I consider to be some of the best graff I’ve ever seen.

What is your favourite tool when bombing?
Bombing? Gotta be a fat cap. Either NY or Astro.

Outside of graffiti what are you into?
Music, furniture, food and culture

What are your plans for the future?
Just keep on truckin’, doing what I do. Hopefully get some overseas action before too long.

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